Powerful Agenda Being Set for TALKERS 2024: Radio and Beyond

. The forthcoming 27th annual installment of  the talk media industry’s longest running and most important national gathering 

2006 New Media Seminar C-SPAN

In a conference on the future of the talk media industry, Mr. Hannity delivered the opening speech. Moderated by Mr. Colmes, a panel of talk show hosts debated various aspects of talk media and current events. Following the panel, Mr. Sabo spoke about selling new talk media. Former Secretary Glickman talked about contemporary issues facing both the film and talk media industries. Mr. Boortz talked about hosting a radio talk show in 2006. Special guest speaker Jerry Springer talked about the fine line between journalism and show business.

2007 New Media Seminar C-SPAN

Sean Hannity delivered the keynote address at the Talkers Magazine Tenth Annual New Media Seminar with the participation of Phil Boyce and Bob Michaels. Topics included First Amendment rights and why politics makes good programming for talk radio in an election year. Ed Schultz spoke about the necessity of making politics entertaining and informative on talk radio.

Hundreds of media industry leaders inspire students at Hofstra TALKERS New Media Seminar

WRHU Radio partnered with TALKERS in 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2016 to bring their national news / talk media convention to Hofstra. Each year, hundreds of top-tier media professionals were on-site at Hofstra for students to learn from and network with.

1999 Talkers Conference Effects of the Internet

Radio talk show hosts from around the U.S. gathered to discuss the social and political effects of the Internet on the nation. Ms. Cullum moderated the discussion, which also covered the effects of talk radio.

1998 – Talkers Conference – C-SPAN

Robert Sutton, America’s Voice, CEO, made opening remarks on the importance of using new technologies to keep abreast of public opinion. Following Mr. Sutton,  Holland Cooke, McVay Media Consultant, moderated a discussion on the present and future of talk radio in an age of increasingly interactive media and how talk radio can continue to offer a unique medium for two-way communication. They also took questions from the audience. This was part of a seminar on the relationship between talk radio and new media. close 

1996 – Year in Talk Radio

Radio talk show hosts of various political and regional backgrounds reviewed some of the issues raised on and about talk radio over the past year and previewed the next year. They discussed various issues, such as the political bias of talk radio and how they balance local and national issues. The panelists on the stage and in the first row switched places an hour into the discussion. They also took questions from the audience. close